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Take the guesswork out of writing website copy that reaches your ideal client with our easy to customize templates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the best place to get started?

First, be sure to check out our many free resources. 📝 Once you’ve gone through these foundational building blocks the Abundance Party is a great place to start when building your private practice. Learn more today! 🎉 

I'm building a practice that I hate, any advice?

Stop, take a deep breath 🧘‍♂️,  & know that this is not uncommon! I’ve got blogs & podcasts that discuss this but I’d really recommend joining the Abundance Party as a way to really hone in on your wants & needs. We’ll help you prioritize what’s working in your practice & help you formulate a solid plan to follow while you reset. ❤️ 

I need help finding a reliable stream of best fit clients?

My free training is 💯% made for you – we’ll talk about how to really hone in on your niche & ideal client so that you’re marketing to best-fit clients naturally!

I'm full & not sure what to do?

I’ve been here & it really is quite a conundrum! The Full Practice, New Problems course in the Abundance Party is tailor-made for you, why not check it out today? 🎉 

What's the difference between the Abundance Party & the Inner Circle?

The Abundance Party is very much self-paced with lots of homework and opportunities to engage with the Abundance community who will definitely provide support. The Party includes over 100 hours of videos, a training library and access to new monthly trainings, courses to help you build your practice and set-up your business systems, templates to help you write your website, & scripts for what to say when you’re getting started, along with access to the exclusive Abundance Party FB group. 🎉 

Those that join us in the Inner Circle build faster and have a ton of support including assistance with copywriting, branding, monthly 1:1’s, monthly group calls, and lifetime access to Open Office Hours where you can ask anything you need to around nuts & bolts, strategy, mindset, etc. Inner Circle members also have lifetime access to everything in the Abundance Party. Think of it like regular weekly therapy (Party) vs wrap-around services (Inner Circle.) Some people just want or need more support. 🫂 

My peers are telling me I'm crazy to think about private practice?

You’re not crazy, it is possible and I can show you how. I promise. ❤️ Check out my free training for a peek into my journey & some insight into how I built 3 successful private practices in 3 different states. I’m telling you, if I can do it, you can do it! 😉 

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