Inner Circle Masterclass
BONUS Video #1
How to serve your clients and still make a profit. How to be an ethical therapist and a happy bussiness owner
BONUS Video #2
Build a Private Practice Without Sucking as A Dog Owner, Partner, Parent, Friend
BONUS Video #3
The 100% Cash Practice. Getting off Insurance Panels Without Going Broke and Feeling Guilty
BONUS Video #4
7 Hacks For When You
Miss That Co-Worker
Knocking On Your Door
BONUS Video #5
Accelerate Your Practice,
Stop Worrying, Feel Proud
The Inner Circle Includes:
  6 Months of Monthly 1:1 calls.
Your Inner circle calls will be with Lindsay Melka, our individual consultant here at Abundance. Lindsay will help tailor your marketing plan to something you are excited to implement. Feeling stuck, lost, or burned out? Lindsay’s got you covered there, too. We get that private practice success depends as much on your vitality as the marketing strategies you choose. We’ve got your back on both counts. 
  6 Months of Weekly Mastermind calls with Allison Puryear. 
Your Weekly Mastermind calls with Allison and your Inner Circle Besties will feature rapid fire Q & A along with a solid deep dive into a topic of your choosing. Allison’s there with her 13 years of hard won private practice building expertise, and probably some tears and laughter, too. ‘Cause what’s practice-building if not a crazy roller coaster’. 
  12 Months of everything that’s included in the Abundance Party: 
  • The Know Your Niche Course helps you refine your niche and work with the clients you do your best work with without pigeonholing yourself or burning out.
  •  The Marketing Fundamentals Course teaches you to market your practice in a way that doesn’t feel skeezy. No cheap sales tricks, no cringe-worthy “selling yourself.” Just connecting to your potential clients and referral sources in a way that is authentic to you and your practice.
  •  The What to Say When: Scripts and Templates for Counselors in Private Practice Course gives you the language for all things business-related from negotiating a lease to following up about past due balances from clients without awkwardness to converting phone calls into clients, whether you take insurance or not.
  •  The Full Practice, New Problems Course helps you streamline and automate so that you can focus on the clinical work. It helps you get a handle on your schedule, provides tips for slowing the referral stream without making it dry up, and builds your systems so that a 10 year old could run the admin side of your business.  
  •  The Delegating & Outsourcing Course is a deeper dive into offloading work you may not have realized you could delegate. It also offers guidance on how to hire and manage an assistant.  
  •  Monthly live trainings on all sorts of topics from managing your private practice finances like a CFO to finally filling your therapy groups to marketing an online-only practice. These are recorded so you have access to the archives, too. 
  •  Exclusive access to 1:1’s with Allison. This is the ONLY way to get individual consultation with Allison. Only members can apply and 8 are chosen each month. 
  •  A community that has your back. The Members-Only Facebook Community is generous, supportive, and motivated. Allison responds to every post in the group so you can get your quick questions answered and your successes celebrated by not just her, but the whole crew of private practice builders. 
I’ve had private practices in 3 different states, in 3 different sized cities (small, medium, and large… call me Goldilocks). Plus two maternity leaves, which felt like mini-re-starts. I’ve felt the panic of no one calling, the worry about whether people would keep calling, and the I’m-too-busy stress that comes with a full, but not optimized, practice.

For years I’ve offered individual and small group practice-building services. I’ve helped over 1,000 people through consultation. I’ve seen the themes that pop up whether the therapist is in a small town in Texas, the heart of London, or working virtually from wherever they’re traveling.
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