Talking to Your Boss Script:

[Boss’s name], I want to talk to you about the concerns I have.  As a staff, I appreciate that you’re allowing us to do online work but I worry about the safety of the clients and clinicians that are still coming into the office. I’m also worried that the longer that goes on, the more likely those clients will leave when we all move to online. 

What I’m seeing in the therapist Facebook groups I’m a part of is that client retention is much higher in the transition to online therapy when there’s decisive action. I have a script that my coworkers can use that’s been working all over the world for therapists needing to make that transition.

I worry that our reticence as a staff to move entirely online is endangering the people we’re trying to serve. It doesn’t feel aligned with who any of us are and what we do. Because the move to online is inevitable, if you required it of staff now we could probably not only keep many more of our clients but also prevent the spread in our community. 

I know some staff may complain about it but I will have your back. And I’m happy to share resources I’ve found that have helped me. Let me know what I can do to help.


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