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Episode #225: Diving and Therapy with Sally

Episode #225: Diving and Therapy with Sally

It’s essential to CYA when you're considering integrative practices.  Taking a look at how your practice might evolve or split into two businesses over time is the best route to take. These are the kinds of things that come up as your business mind and goals change...

Ask Allison #105: Marketing When You’re Full

  When your phone starts ringing and ringing a lot 📱(we love to see it), two questions tend to come up almost immediately - how much do you continue to market now that you have a steady flow of referrals, and how do you manage that flow once your practice is...

Shadow, Creativity, and Private Practice with Hannah Green

In the cloudy and snowy depths of February, we’re familiar with shadows and the heaviness that can come with literal and figurative seasons. Hannah Green joins me today on the podcast to talk about shadow, creativity, and the seasons of our lives and our practices....

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