Q&A For Exactly What You Need 4 Skype-Style 1:1 for Newbies and 4 for More Established Practitioners Wanting to Grow Their Businesses 

A Smaller, Even More Engaged Community You know I spend a lot of time in the Abundance Practice Builders FB Group. Think of that ramped up and with a community of clinicians who are even more focused and ready to take action. 


What You'll Get from the Abundance Party:

The New Marketing Fundamentals eCourse For those feeling lost with the whole marketing thing, either because they don't know where to start or because they are overwhelmed by all the options. This course is designed to help you assess your strengths so you can leverage those in your marketing and stop beating your head against the wall. This eCourse will not be available outside of the Abundance Party. 

What to Say When: Scripts & Templates for Counselors in Private Practice Our best selling course. For those at all stages of private practice wanting quick wins and help with the hard business conversations. Over 60 scripts and templates to convert those calls to clients, collect money owed by current clients, and reach out like a networking pro. This eCourse will not be available outside of the Abundance Party.

New Trainings Every Month You call the shots. New Trainings based on what the community wants to learn. Learn from me and my consulting friends about the things that you get stuck with or things that excite you. They're recorded, so the trainings that don't feel relevant for the stage you're in now will be available when they do feel like a fit.