Inner Circle Interest List

Want to learn more about when the Inner Circle opens for registration again?

There seem to be two kinds of therapists who join the Inner Circle: those who want more clients ASAP & those who have full practices that make them miserable. But no matter where you are in building your private practice, there is no other program that offers this level of support & development to develop your practice.

We are in this with you. We get to know your practice REALLY well through tailored support, including:

  • private practice 1:1s with a therapist who built & owns a successful practice
  • monthly Open Office Hours with Abundance Practice Building’s founder Allison Puryear
  • guidance through our hundreds of courses & trainings


 Typical results include:

  • Being so clear about your niche marketing feels almost easy
  • Working the days and hours you want
  • Implementing a marketing plan you knew how to execute that gets results
  • Setting, stating, and charging a fee that supports your goals AND clients
  • Improved confidence in your practices, business acumen, & self

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