Inner Circle Wait List 2020

There seem to be two kinds of therapists who join the Inner Circle: those who want more clients ASAP and those who have full practices that are making them miserable. 

If you’re in one of those two groups, let me first tell you about the typical results we get for you:

  • 100% of Inner Circle members felt more clear about their niche 
  • 100% of Inner Circle members felt more clear about what they wanted to their practice policies, hours, and fees
  • 100% felt they had a marketing plan they knew how to execute
  • 89% of Inner Circle members raised their fee
  • Our goal is for 100% of Inner Circle Members to be full by the end of the year long program; 76% of members achieve that in the first 6 months. 
  • We didn’t track data on this one, but anecdotally all the Inner Circle members we’ve talked to about confidence say their confidence in their practices, their business acumen, and themselves is significantly higher than when they began the program

We only open up the Inner Circle twice a year. If you join the Inner Circle Waiting List, you could have the practice you’ve been working toward when we launch it again.

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