I need help! How do I contact Team Abundance?

Please email our team at and we’ll be happy to help you out! This is the easiest way to track your needs and it also puts all the requests in one place, streamlining the process. Cancellation requests sent via email, text, or social media will not be honored for this reason.

Please Be Advised

  • All requests are responded to within 24 hours on weekdays. 
  • Requests submitted on holiday or over the weekend will be addressed the following business day.
  • If you used Paypal to sign up, you are able to edit your payment options via your personal PayPal account. 
  • Please provide accurate account information to prevent delays in addressing your needs.
How do I get started?

Are you ready to build your dream private practice? Sign up for our confidence-boosting practice building checklist to take an in-depth look at your practice and learn how Abundance can help you! We have more free resources, including our new YouTube channel, and other inexpensive-but-thorough opportunities to work together. Congrats on taking the leap to have more of what you want in your practice! Please let us know if you need anything in the meantime by using our Helpdesk (

How do I cancel?

We are so sad to see you go and encourage you to reach out to our team prior to cancellation. However, should you need to cancel, please contact us via our Helpdesk to cancel your membership. 

Cancellation requests sent to or the personal emails of the Abundance team along with requests submitted via text, messenger, or social media are not honored.

Tell me more about the Abundance Party and Inner Circle?

The Abundance Party is a membership site with a 6-month minimum. You get access to all the information and peer support you need to grow a thriving practice for a low monthly fee. With over 100 hours of video, courses, recorded trainings with industry experts, scripts, templates, & much more, we want you to have time to focus on building the practice you want and need. Wherever you are in your practice building, the Abundance Party is a good jumping-off spot for recent grads, agency clinicians making the jump to private practice, or established private practitioners who feel stuck, unbalanced, or want to reexamine how they’ve built their practice. Like a true dance party, the Abundance Party is for everybody!

The Inner Circle is our top-level support, helping most grads fill their practice in 6 months. Inner Circle combines 1:1 and group support to build a happy and full private practice, including:

  • 6 monthly individual consultations with a private practice expert

  • lifetime access to Open Office Hours with Allison, where you can ask anything private practice related

  • lifetime access to 100’s of hours of courses, scripts, templates, and trainings

  • a monthly opportunity to book a 1:1 consultation with Allison

Who is behind Abundance Practice Building?

Allison Puryear and her team.

How and when are payments processed?

Payments are processed at the same time each month. For example, if you joined the Abundance Party on June 15th, you will be billed within 36-72 hours of the 15th of each month depending on the regulations of your banking institution.

How can I update my method of payment?

First please try following this tutorial: How Your Members Can Update Their Credit Card Information: Kajabi Tutorial

If that should not work, have no fear! Contact our Help Desk for support at

I’ve reached my six months, why am I still being billed? Can I get a refund?

The Party has a 6-month minimum. Most stay longer so they can continue the support as they get closer to their ideal practice. It’s the member’s responsibility to request cancellation of their membership. As it states in the user agreement, we don’t issue refunds.

I asked to cancel a day or two before I was billed and it billed me anyway?

We shut off your account when you ask to cancel. If there’s already a payment processing between the software and your bank, we may not be able to cancel it in time. Per our user agreement, we ask that you request cancellation within 30 days to prevent this issue. You can submit a request for assistance  and ontact our customer service team at

What happens if I want to come back?

We’d be thrilled to have you back in the Party. You can rejoin at any time! PS: You don’t need to meet the 6-month commitment a second time.

I’m locked out/forgot my password?

Can’t access your Abundance Party account? Check out this video tutorial! Keep in mind though, the password reset email you’ll receive is time sensitive so make sure you’re in a position to see the task all the way through when you reset your password!

I am unable to access the educational courses?

This may reflect a payment issue. Please check with your banking institution.

Why isn’t the page loading?

If the website isn’t loading properly/content is missing/you are not being directed to the correct page, we recommend you clear your cache, delete your cookies, and/or switch browsers and run any updates recommended for your personal hardware. If this is a persistent issue, reach out to us at

What are your business hours?

Office Support: 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except major holidays.

Online Support: Please use our Help Ticket | Our goal is to respond to requests within one business day excluding weekends and holidays.

May I guest on your podcast, The Abundant Practice Podcast?

Consultation podcasts are only available in the Abundance Party membership. If you are interested in being on the podcast as a consultant, email our team at with your three areas of genius/expertise and examples of your business or product that you believe will help new therapists and counselors build their practice and businesses.

Keep in mind that we do not promote businesses or products that we are unfamiliar with or are not connected with the therapeutic community.

May I write for your blog?

Thank you for thinking of us but at this time we’re not taking unsolicited content.

May I schedule a private consultation with Allison?

Allison doesn’t offer hourly consultations calls, but she she does offer intensives. Intensives are a great way to get a ton done at once. Whether it’s setting up or changing your solo practice or building an online business outside of therapy, intensives allow us to dig in together. The entire time is focused on what you need for your business. 



All Intensives require an interview to make sure we’re a good fit. 

You decide on the size package you want (half-day, full-day, 2 days.) 


After the interview, all intensives include a one-hour meeting prior to our intensive time together to discuss goals. This time is in addition to the times included in the packages below. 

During this time we’ll create the schedule for our time together so you leave with everything you expected. 


We meet! Online, in-person– whatever works best for you. 

 STEP 4:

1 month follow-up call for Full Day and 2 Day participants. We’ll assess how the plan is going and what needs you have at this time. 

Optional STEP 5: All packages are able to add on at an hourly rate after we’ve met. Up to one per month. Only Intensive clients have access to this option.  


We Offer 3 Packages:

1. Half-Day— 4 hours  $3,500

Great For:

Private Practice: Getting clear on your niche, building out your marketing plan 

Online Business: Creating business model and basics of marketing plan OR Building out a better marketing plan for your already established business

2. Full-Day— 6 hours $5,000

Great For:

Private Practice: Honing Niche, creating a marketing plan, creating some content

Online Business: Creating a business model, building out a marketing plan 

3. 2 Day—  12 hours $10,000

Great for: 

Private Practice: Honing niche, building out a marketing plan, creating systems together, writing copy for website, branding

Online Business: Creating Business Model, course or membership content plan, building out a marketing plan, creating systems together, writing copy, branding, marketing content creation


** All packages will leave with a customized 6-month plan **

I have a question for Allison regarding my practice/business?

We have a weekly Ask Allison segment in which Allison answers practice-building questions submitted via the Ask Allison submission form. Once submitted, we’ll review your question & if appropriate, we’ll put it in the queue for a response. You can find additional Ask Allison segments on Facebook, Instagram, or our YouTube channel. ❤️

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