Is the Abundance Party or Inner Circle right for me?

The Abundance Party is a 6 month commitment of $39.99 a month and you get to go through the courses at your own pace. During that time you’ll have access to 6 live webinars, plus all all the previous trainings and courses. Wherever you are in your practice building, the Abundance Party is a good jumping off spot.


The Inner Circle is for those of you who need to get a good hard look at your practice and are willing to put in the work. Maybe you’re doing everything right and you’re not filling your schedule. Maybe you have a lot of clients but you still feel unsatisfied or you’re still not making ends meet. Maybe you’re close to burn out and don’t know where you stand for the future of your practice. The Inner Circle is for committed therapists who want to dig through their practice with a like minded group of peers. Not only do you have access to all the Abundance Party courses, we also meet weekly for a group mastermind hosted by yours truly, as well as a monthly consultation with Lindsay Melka, and access to once a month office hours where we go over any potential hangups or questions you have. If  you’re willing to dig deep, kick up some emotional dust about your practice, and feel like you can meet the financial commitment, then the Inner Circle is the place for you!


Can I Write For Your Blog?

We don’t regularly take unsolicited content but if you’ve got some really great things to share with therapists and counselors who are building their practice, please contact my assistant Megan at megan@abundancepraciticebuilding.com.

Keep in mind that we don’t pitch products or businesses that don’t pertain to practice building for therapists and counselors.  If you’re pitching an unsolicited blog post please follow these guidelines:

  • In a succinct, three sentence description, explain how your product, service, or experience can help new therapists and counselors build their practice.
  • The the subject line of your email must be: Guest Blog Interest
  • Please reference no less than three examples of the blog or podcast that are similar to your product, service, or experience and how give a short two sentence description of how your post it fits the Abundance Practice Building culture.


Can I be on Your Podcast?

Consultation podcasts (where you ask me about your practice) are only available in the Abundance Party membership. If you are interested in being on the podcast as consultant, email Megan at megan@abundancepracticebuilding.com with your three areas of genius/expertise and examples of your business or product that you believe will help new therapists and counselors build their practice and businesses. Keep in mind that we do not promote businesses or products that we are unfamiliar with or are not connected with the therapeutic community.


Can I Schedule a Private Consultation with Allison?

While private consultations are awesome, I don’t currently offer private consultation packages. Private consultation with me is available as a one time 1:1 in the Abundance Party membership and as a monthly 1:1 in the Inner Circle Abundance Party Membership tier, where members work with our consultant, Lindsay Melka. Get on the waiting list for the next round of the Inner Circle here!

I’m In the Abundance Party and I have a Question:

Fill out the Help Ticket and Megan will be happy to help you out!

I Have A Question for Allison About my Practice/Business:

I want to help you build the best practice you can and one of the best ways to do that is to get into the thick of it with some support. If you have a question, check out the supportive and awesome environment in the Abundance Practice Builders Facebook Group where you can work with other therapists and get feedback from your peers.









































































































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