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a happy therapist is a better therapist

Agencies can provide fantastic opportunities for many clinicians. For some therapists, there’s a longing for independence. There’s a frustration with bureaucracy. There’s a knowledge deep inside that you can still do the work you love with clients without working as many hours and attending meetings.

I’ve been there. When I worked in agencies, I longed for the autonomy and financial compensation of private practice. I was intimidated by the business side of things—working with insurance, getting referrals and creating efficient systems. I also worried that I didn’t have what it takes to be successful. I read books; I had business consultations; I picked the brains of so many private practitioners. When I took the risk, I was rewarded beyond my expectations and have loved practice-building ever since.

I am passionate about helping clinicians feel safe enough to take the leap that leads to work/life balance, less burn out, and more freedom. There are so many fantastic providers working too much for too little because of fear.

Loneliness in Private Practice

Y’all may know I’m an outgoing extravert. I love, love, love being with people. Going into business for myself was not exactly the smartest social move I could make, or so I thought as I was planning my first full time practice. I feared I would wither away in my...

Guest Blog: How to Make Weekly Blogging Ridiculously Easy and Fun

How to Make Weekly Blogging Ridiculously Easy and Fun by Natalie Moore As private practitioners, we know the benefits of blogging for our practice. 1) It builds our website’s S.E.O., making it easier for our ideal client to find us. 2) It helps clients get to know us,...

What Feels Like Life and Death

I get tunnel vision. I get set on something and drive forward as if it’s the most important thing in the world. It feels vital. It feels important. It feels like if I don’t get this business thing out there on time or up to par everything will fall apart. Y’all...


“Allison is a breath of fresh air! She provided me with clarity and helped me write the “permission slips” to building my successful private practice, when I was struggling to believe that I could create the type of practice I wanted.Allison has a warm personality and when I am consulting with her, she reminds me of my worth as a professional and person. I can not recommend Allison enough for either the new or seasoned practitioner,who needs guidance in creating their vision.”



“Allison is your best resource in creating an authentic practice that will help you over the years with client retention, burn out prevention, and finding your true path in the helping profession. She is an expert at marketing, networking, and has all the nuts and bolts of getting your practice off the ground. If you want a successful practice, I highly recommend starting with Allison as your first step.”

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